Stress in 20-Somethings

Caught in a vicious cycle

“I’m so overwhelmed at work with the demands that my boss puts on me, but I don’t want to seem weak or like I can’t handle it. So, I don’t say anything.”

“I go to class, go to the gym, hang out with my friends, and talk to my parents. Then, I stay up till 1 or 2 in the morning trying to get all my work done and can’t sleep because I worry that I’ll fail my next test. It’s exhausting.”

“It’s just non-stop for me. I have no time to relax; and when I complain to my parents, they say things like, ‘You don’t have it that bad,’ so the stress keeps building. Then, I overeat, cut, or do something stupid that ends up making me feel worse. Then, it happens all over again!”

When you’re stressed the f*ck out

Stress comes in all shapes and sizes and is plaguing Millennial and Gen-Z women. The insidious pattern of people-pleasing, the pressure to perform, and the need to be perfect is causing young women to feel stressed the f*ck out.

It also has untold physical and emotional consequences, including feeling lonely, having difficulty sleeping, developing poor eating habits, feeling down or moody, picking or cutting your skin, and having a sense of hopelessness.

“I’m only 22 – what if the rest of my life is like this? How come everyone else, including my siblings, seems to have their sh*t together? What the eff is wrong with me that I can’t handle all this?”


This is not sustainable!

It’s like you have a backpack full of bricks that keeps getting heavier and heavier, and you’re feeling crushed underneath the pressure.

Maybe you were able to handle your 5 AP classes in high school, be captain of the soccer team, and go days without sleep. But now, that isn’t working so well in your 20s.

You can’t seem to “turn on” that reliable switch that you used to have and sensing your ability to do that is fading.

Time to stop the cycle of stress

If you are feeling stressed due to the overwhelm with balancing school, work, parents, siblings, friends, self-care, intimate relationships, social media, being a responsible citizen, and getting “likes” on social media – give me a call (909) 851-5522. We can work on prioritizing you as opposed to everyone (and everything!) else.