Group Therapy

Expecting Together

Hey mama! Here is all the information you need to join!     
What: Expecting Together is a weekly therapeutic support group for expectant mothers. Wherever you are in your pregnancy journey, you are welcome here!
Who: The group is open to pregnant women in California and is hosted by Marissa Esquibel, MS, LMFT, a psychotherapist and fellow expectant mother.
When: We meet every Wednesday from 5:15-6:30pm (and will have ongoing meetings during the holidays!)                 
Where: Zoom. Talk about convenient!                                   
How: Register by filling out our group form:  I’ll then email you the consent form and have you send your investment for the group which is $99 for 3 group sessions.                                                                               
Why: The aim of this group is to provide expectant mothers with community, connection, and care as they navigate their pregnancy.
Once you join, you’ll see how group members are able to share similar challenges, reduce feelings of isolation, and develop a sisterhood as they prepare for their transition into motherhood.                                                                                                                                                                  
We will also cover topics like establishing self-care routines, developing coping skills, working on personal goals, and creating healthy boundaries in a space where honest and vulnerable sharing is cherished.                                                                                                                                         

I am currently creating a waitlist for new members to join our virtual group (available to California residents). Call (909) 851-5522 or email with any questions!

Book Club with Your Therapist Group

It’s like Book Club… but better! Do you find yourself reading inspiring books (self-help, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry), wanting to implement aspects of the book in your everyday life, and then the book just ends up collecting dust, so your #bestlifeever never really starts?

You are in luck, sis! Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic approach where books are used in therapy to help clients make change. In this group, we will be reading an amazing book on a monthly basis, and I will break down the book to discuss during our group sessions.

The break down will include writing prompts, active reflections, and making commitments to carry out during the week in between sessions in order to apply the principles of the book in your everyday life. We also will criticize the books (e.g., “It seems like this book was only written for privileged white guys.”) and provide a space for you to talk about any problems, reactions, or disappointments you had while reading.

Upcoming books include: You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero; The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruis; and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson.

I am currently creating a waitlist for the next virtual group (available for all CA residents). Call (909) 851-5522 or email to add yourself to the list.