Not like a regular speaker, a cool speaker

Did you know that attendees only retain 5% of content from presentations?

It’s true. Only a teeny, tiny 5% of what is discussed in an hour, day, or month-long course is retained by its attendees. This statistic is often used by speakers to encourage engagement and focus by attendees.

“Don’t be like those other people who only take away 5%… be unique and retain all the information you can.”

By using this statistic, the speaker puts the burden on the attendee to take notes, pay attention, and actively participate for an entire hour, day, or month. It’s the attendees’ fault if they leave and don’t take action or apply the lessons.

Huh… something doesn’t seem right about this stat…

What if it’s not because of the attendees… but because of the speaker’s dull and dry content?

The “5% retention” statistic fails to acknowledge the fact that some speakers are just plain boring.

There, I said it.

As a therapist, I have attended numerous trainings and walked away feeling discouraged and dissatisfied. I definitely fell into the “5% retention” category.

But now, I realize that it wasn’t because of my lack of participation or focus… it was because the speaker was a) wordy; b) unrelatable; and c) failed to “read the room.”

Now, picture this: an engaging presentation with the most enthusiastic speaker.

Yes. Unlike these regular speakers, I’m a cool speaker.

As a consequence of my training and education as a psychotherapist coupled with my life experience, I provide badass presentations that combine the wisdom of psychology with the reality of today’s modern world (#thestruggleisreal).

Instead of only retaining 5% of the content, attendees of my talks walk away with strategic actions, relatable anecdotes easy to recall, and a piqued interest in self-improvement that continues long after the talk has ended.

I’m just what the speaking-doctor ordered.

Whether you are a Student Affairs Advisor or an HR Director, I am the speaker you need to add the most value and provide the best service to your young adult population.

Gone will be the days of polite formalities where you smile and nod as the speaker you invited goes on and on about who knows what while your staff passes time on their phone.

A decent speaker can motivate attendees. A great speaker can shift morale. As a speaker, I can promote the individual change in attendees that you seek.

What past attendees have said and rated Marissa’s talks:

“One key takeaway is believing in myself.”

“Marissa is passionate, confident, and engaging!”

“This talk was upbeat with relatable examples. Marissa is knowledgeable and presents well.”

“It would have been nice if we had more time with Marissa.”

In 2020, 90% of speaking attendees rated Marissa’s awesomeness at a 4 or higher out of 5 and 100% of attendees rated the relevance of her talks at 4 or higher out of 5.

Speaking Topics

For colleges, hip companies, and community organizations:

  • Imposter Syndrome: The Fear of Being Found Out
  • Communication and Conflict Styles for Millennials: When a DM Just Won’t Do
  • Self-Care in Self-quarantine: How to Prioritize Your Mental Health at Home

For mental health professionals:

  • The Codependent Therapist: I know you are but what am I?
  • Genograms: Constructing the Best Family Tree Through a Therapeutic Lens
  • Bibliotherapy: Modern Day Use of Books & Media to Foster Clients’ Growth
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