Check yourself before you wreck yourself and holla ‘atcha gurl.

Schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation. Did ya’ll see that? It’s F R E E!

And don’t wait – I know how hard it was for me to make my first therapy appointment. It took months from the initial “Maybe I should talk to someone?” to the actual making of the call.

All I got was more misery, loneliness, and sh*t I had to deal with in therapy. Imagine how different you will feel six months from now if we start – today.

What do we talk about during the phone consultation, you ask?

I will ask questions about what brings you to therapy and what you hope to work on. You will have time to ask me questions as well. By the end of the consultation call, you will be able to decide with certainty: a) if therapy is right for you and b) if we are a good fit.

From there, we can discuss scheduling and help you figure out the next steps.

Let’s get this healing party started!

Phone: (909) 851-5522