Individual Therapy

Tired of Being Miserable

Maybe your inner world has been sounding like one of these:

1. “Why the eff are everyday interactions so stressful for me? I can’t talk to my friends. I’m scared of disappointing my parents. And these d*mn self-help books aren’t helping. Maybe I should talk to someone?”

2. “That’s it. I’m over the self-sabotage. The binge-eating, cutting, gaming, and hours lost comparing myself to these b*tches on IG is getting old. I need some help.”

3. “I’m done with the façade. Don’t my friends and family know that I’m just pretending? Can’t they see I’m miserable?

Wanting to be real

“I’m ready to start going to therapy – but I want a therapist who gets me. I want her to be young but knowledgeable, relatable but professional, and able to provide me with compassion while calling me out on my sh*t. I want to be real with a young WOC therapist and get my sh*t together.”

The time has come to start therapy. The blogs, self-helpery, and previous therapy hasn’t stuck. You’re young and looking toward your future and thinking, “I’m f****cked.”

No need to worry, baby girl. I’m here and work with young women like you every. single. day.

Help is here

You’re feeling overwhelmed and hopeless – and yet, you’re here, reading these words and hoping therapy with me can help. To the part of you that believes you aren’t “stuck” and can make real change in your life: the answer is yes, therapy with me can help,                                                                                                       and it is time to begin.

What to expect in an individual therapy session?

You. Me. A box of tissues. Go!

…just kidding…sort of. For individual therapy, we will be meeting one-on-one for weekly 60-minute sessions.

During those 60 minutes, so much transformational work can happen – believe me. More stuff can go down in one session than an epic Esther Perel podcast episode. I have had sessions where I guide my patients toward insights that are mind-blowing. I don’t drop mics, but I do drop my pen at times since my #therapygame is on fi-ya during sessions.

Starts with questions and establishing a relationship

In the first few weeks of individual therapy, I will be asking questions about your past, present, and future. We will then come up with #goals you have for therapy.

For example, “I want to have more genuine and authentic relationships.” “I want to feel more confident at work and not question myself all the time.” Or “I want to be less anxious, less stressed, and be more motivated as a partner and mother. 

After goals come solutions

With these goals in mind, I will bring unique and catered activities in as well as offer thoughtful questions to create in-depth conversations that will help solve your problems. I am to customize your therapy in order to help you where you need it the most.

We will talk about your family (gulp), sex (double gulp), boundaries, your self-limiting beliefs, and cool sh*t like the subconscious. We will also be integrating journaling, art, podcasts/Netflix specials (Brené Brown, anyone?), and books to get you where you want to be.

Trust the process

I like to describe individual therapy like a chart: the y-axis is “Time Spent Doing Quality Work in Therapy” and the x-axis is: “Your Overall Sense of Well-Being.”

Most people, including myself when I first went to therapy, think that it will be a linear line where the longer they see me, the better they will feel. I wish, I wish this was true… and it is… almost.

What you will find is that it will be up-and-down with progress over time. Some sessions you will cry and leave with the need to reflect and journal on what we discussed during the week. At other times, you will have profound realizations and will barely be able to wait until we meet again!

Just know that it is all part of a process to help you uncover what is holding you back, discover your resilience and power, and narrow the gap between you and reaching                                                                                                       your full potential.


Let’s start the process!

There is no reason to stay miserable. You do not have to keep climbing this mountain alone. Together, we can work on you live a life that is aligned with your authentic self, truth, and values.

Call (909) 851-5522 or email (, so we can get started.