Let’s ‘Stick It To’ What Happened So You Can Finally Move On

Online EMDR Therapy for Young Women in California

It’s brutal.

The nightmares of what happened haunt you while you sleep. Your stomach churns, and you feel like you’ll vomit every time you get a whiff of the cologne he was wearing.  Loved ones stare at you, wide-eyed, and ask, “Are you okay?” as you breathe shallowly, gripping the counter to stop yet another panic attack.  The aching fatigue from clenched muscles wears you down daily until you are in the confines and “safety” of your bed… as if feeling safe is possible.

Yeah, trauma is a real b*tch. 

Despite looking like you have it all together, you’re falling apart inside. The energy it takes for you to get through a day at work or an evening out with friends deserves an award.  But those flashbacks aren’t getting any easier to handle, and your façade is starting to crack. 

As time passes, you’re starting to get worse

You wonder, “Am I crazy? It’s been months. Why am I still feeling like this?”  Unlike the eventual healing that comes from heartbreak, trauma clings to you like a tiger on your back that simply Won’t. Let. Go.  The weight of it is suffocating, and, worst of all, it’s starting to change who you are as a person. You hardly recognize yourself in the mirror and shake your head in disbelief at your behavior. 

EMDR f*cking works. 

Unlike regular talk therapy, EMDR is an empirically proven and workable eight-step method to help you heal past trauma and get on with your life.  For the past 30 years, EMDR has helped thousands of people just like you who were struggling with the agonizing and debilitating consequences of trauma.  Instead of “talking it out” like you do in traditional therapy, the step-by-step design of EMDR incorporates unique tools to stimulate your psychological and physiological healing.  Over a short period of time, EMDR will empower you to redefine what you went through, find meaning in it, and alleviate yourself from the inappropriate (and f*cking ridiculous) self-blame. 

Pick up the damn phone!

You’ve needed EMDR in your life. Since yesterday.  Pick up that phone and call (909) 851-5522 NOW to schedule a free 20-minute consultation and get the eight-step healing process of EMDR going. 

Let’s get that trauma tiger off your back.