Stop playing small


Therapy for Young Adults in California

“I need some effing help!”

You’re doing everything they told you to do.

But you’re exhausted and nothing’s turned out as you hoped.

The people-pleasing, pressure to perform, and perfectionism are weighing you down – it’s suffocating.

You feel like an utter failure

Your social media posts, performance in school or work, and busy schedule do not reflect how you are feeling on the inside: small, hopeless, and like a complete failure.

There are so many things you wish you could tell someone, but you keep it in and turn on yourself.

Self-harm, self-sabotage, and self-loathing are frequent and familiar aspects of your everyday life.

“What if I’m broken beyond repair?
What if this is as good as it gets?”

Your friends, loving family, and that old therapist you saw before haven’t been able to help.

But how can they when you can’t imagine being honest with anyone about what you’re thinking, feeling, and doing behind closed doors?

Feel heard. Be seen. Become empowered.

Fear not, baby girl, I’m here to help. The transitions we go through during our 20s are likely the most difficult and challenging in our life span:

Finish college. Move out of Mom’s and Dad’s. Choose a career. Move up in said career. Find a life partner. Purchase a home. Have children… Yikes.

And how are you supposed to do that if you’re also feeling insecure, inadequate, and incompetent in virtually every aspect of your life?

The answer you’ve been seeking is therapy

Not just any therapy – therapy with me. My clients have described me as “not-yo-mama’ s-therapist.”

I provide a space where you can talk about your one-night-stands, social media stalking, and how discouraged you get any time you receive criticism, without having to worry about being judged.

Gone are the days when you have to sit with a therapist who laughs about your agony over a text conversation with your new beau or tells you to “Just turn the video game off after an hour.”

It’s not that easy, Barb.

In our work together, we will put an end to playing small

I will help you identify the patterns no longer serving you; we will look back at where they came from, and empower you to let that sh*t go.

You will be seen. You will be heard. And you’ll learn to take up space – at home, work, in your relationships, and virtually every aspect of your life.

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