Rescue Yourself!

Break free from the chains holding you back 

EMDR for Young Adults in California

You’re good at keeping secrets

As a high-achiever, you’re attending one of the best schools in the nation, and your mom and dad are so proud.

You’re active on campus and have been enjoying your freedom.

But then a discussion about sexual assault comes up in class, and your heart starts to race.

You decide to call it a night and feel nauseous when a male friend offers to walk you back to your dorm. And sometimes you hold back tears and feel repulsed when your boyfriend kisses you.

When you can’t stop the tears or your racing heart causes you to hyperventilate, people say, “Hey, are you okay?” You nod, withdraw to your dorm, and fold up like a pretzel.

As you cry, you think, “I have to tell someone” – but you can’t muster the courage to reveal your secret.

It’s all my fault

You can’t tell anyone because, deep down, you think it’s all your fault. “I was the idiot who went over there.”

And, actually, you tried to tell one friend right after it happened. She offered, “What did you expect?” Oof.

And now, three years later, you are haunted by the memories and keep wondering, “Was it even sexual assault?” – while finding yourself dazing off in class, ignoring texts to make plans, and anxious around men.

Your parents are growing impatient with your snappy attitude. Your friends aren’t reaching out as much. And now, you’re turning on yourself and thinking you’re just too sensitive.

You picture yourself a year from now, continuing to crumble and having to drop out. “I can’t keep living like this,” you think.

The only way out is through

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a type of therapy designed to help you break free from the chains that have been holding you back.

In our work together, EMDR will be used to help you process negative memories through a protocol focused on uncovering, discovering, and discarding.

Through the eight steps of EMDR, you will be liberated from the past and catapulted to a healthy and productive now.

You’ll be in a place to confidently say, “I rescued myself”

The insights, compassion, and self-forgiveness fostered during sessions will be transformative, and you’ll feel lighter and calmer.

After processing the bad memories, you’ll have room to develop the confidence you need to face other obstacles on life’s journey.

No longer will you have to feel distressed and helpless when a bad memory comes up. Instead, you’ll sense your inner strength, courage, and ability to overcome obstacles.

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