Should I, as a client, wear make-up to therapy?

Marissa Esquibel, LMFT Since I started my practice, I’ve made observations with my clients who wear make-up. What I’ve found is that it’s like a battle: make-up versus therapy…and usually, therapy wins. Here’s some context: the majority of my client are young adults, 20 and 30 somethings, who are full-time students, young professionals, and polished… Read More

Coping with Coronavirus for 20-somethings

Marissa Esquibel, LMFT Where were you mid-March 2020 when you got the alert that your college campus was closing? Or maybe that your office was going virtual? Or came to realize that you would be cozying up with your mom and dad for the next few weeks (or months) as a 20-something working from home?… Read More